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National Crystallography Service


About Project

  • The National Crystallography Service: is a National Research Facility offering single crystal X-ray diffraction services.
  • Main users: Academic and commercial services

My Role

  • Website designer and developer: Responsible for the redesign and development of the NCS website.
  • Collaboration: Lab assistant


  • Outdated colour scheme
  • Lack of visual images
  • Overwhelming amount of text
  • Confusing navigation system
  • Inconsistent use of fonts
  • Lack of visual cohesion
  • Lengthy case studies

Design Process

User Research

  • Conducted a survey to identify the target audience and understand their goals.
  • Visited the lab to align the design with the unique aspects of crystallography and gather insights.
  • Identified stakeholders involved and considered their needs and pain points throughout the process.
  • Investigated website traffic for insights into performance and user behavior.


  • Explored creative ideas to enhance the website’s visual appeal and functionality.
  • Personally conducted photography to showcase the unique aspects of the lab’s work environment.
  • Selected new brand colors to match the National Crystallography Service’s logo.

Prototyping and Testing

  • Created wireframes to establish the website’s structure and layout.
  • Developed mock-ups to provide stakeholders with a realistic preview of the design.
  • Incorporated feedback and refinement based on mock-up reviews.
  • Ensured the website’s functionality and aesthetics met the lab’s objectives through iterative design


  • Implemented the new design focusing on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website.
  • Detached the website from the Southampton domain.
  • Enhanced the navigation system for improved user experience.
  • Established consistency in font usage.
  • Improved the overall quality and performance of the website.


Final Designs

  • Design and developed a transformative revamp of the National Crystallography Service’s website, aligning it with the organisation’s strategic goals.
  • Elevated the overall user experience by introducing visually enhanced elements, a streamlined and user-friendly interface, and a cohesive design language.
  • Delivered a final design that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a polished and engaging online presence for the National Crystallography Service.

Impact and Results

  • Demonstrated a measurable increase in user engagement, showcasing a substantial rise in website interactions and user activity.
  • Implemented improvements in navigation that resulted in a more intuitive and seamless user experience.
  • Elevated design aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal of the platform and contributing to a more engaging user interface.
  • Conducted thorough analytics to precisely gauge and quantify the positive impact on user engagement metrics.

Challenges and Learnings

  • Successfully addressed challenges associated with outdated elements and increased user engagement, implementing effective solutions to enhance the overall platform.
  • Gained invaluable insights into aligning design principles with scientific goals, fostering a more harmonious integration of visual elements with complex scientific concepts.
  • Developed expertise in conveying scientific information to diverse academic audiences, tailoring design elements to effectively communicate intricate details.
  • Deepened understanding of laboratory processes and crystallography, allowing for more informed and contextually relevant design decisions.