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During my placement year at university, I had the opportunity to work on various projects at Matillion. Matillion is a company that specializes in cloud data integration, providing powerful tools for data transformation and management.

As a student, I had the exciting opportunity to lead the complete redesign and development of the National Crystallography Service website. The National Crystallography Service is a prestigious organisation that provides essential resources and support for crystallography research and analysis.

I was an design and developer intern at Key Changes Music Therapy which is a charity dedicated to using music as a powerful tool for therapeutic purposes, providing support and transformative experiences to individuals through their music programs.

As a website designer and developer for Sutton Mitra Mandal my involvement centred on creating a brand presence for the community. The organisation is dedicated to uniting Indian communities in and around Sutton Borough, focuses on celebrating cultural identity and promoting integration with local communities.  

I headed the redesign of 3 Seeds’ website, addressing key issues like an outdated colour scheme, lack of visuals, text overload, confusing navigation, and font inconsistencies. Collaborating with graphic designers and business owners, our goal was to create a user-friendly platform for communities and partners seeking self-sustainable development.

As the sole designer and developer for the Vedic Mathematics Academy, I contributed to the creation of an exclusive platform that offers tailored tutoring and crash courses in Vedic mathematics for learners of all ages.